Open every day

8am – 5pm

R. Santos-O-Velho 38

1200-812, Lisboa

+351 915 765 010

Mila’s is a Santos institution, serving delicious freshly cooked breakfast and brunch all day, alongside specialty coffee from a local roastery and afternoon cocktails.

Free wifi
Pet friendly
Large Parties
Outdoor seating
Outdoor seating
Pet friendly

Daytime Menu

Breakfast & Brunch
Avocado Toast Deluxe €11

Toasted bread topped with avocado, poached eggs, coated with tortilla chip & spice powder and a lamb´s lettuce salad.

Salmon & Poachies €13

Smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado, drizzled with dill infused olive oil, crispy toast.

Gemma's Vegan Breakfast €12

Scrambled turmeric tofu with cherry tomato confit, served with a lamb´s lettuce salad, roasted mushrooms and avocado.
add: egg €3, smoked salmon €4, bacon €3, halloumi 3€

Sweet Corn Fritters €11

Crispy sweetcorn fritters served with guacamole, streaky bacon and sour cream.

Bacon & Egg Bap €9

Brioche bun filled with streaky bacon, a fried egg, spicy siracha mayo and onion flakes.
add avocado €1.50

Mila's Big Breakfast €11

Buttery toast, avocado, scrambled eggs, streaky bacon, grilled kale, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.

Fluffy Fried Corn Bread €9.5

Corn bread french toast, served with fresh berries, streaky bacon and maple syrup.

Morning Glory Bowl €6.9

Creamy greek yogurt, home-made granola, red berry jam, and fresh fruits.
add vegan yogurt €1.5

Açaí Boost €5.9

Açaí, banana, guaraná and poppy seeds.

Mellow Yellow €5.9

Mango, turmeric, ginger, honey, greek yogurt & orange juice

Bruce €5.9

Banana, spinach, peanut butter & almond milk

Salads & Mains
Chicken Kebab Delight €10

Chicken skewers served with yogurt sauce, a hearty chickpea salad, red chili, garlic and broccoli, warm pita bread, green tahini and dukkah.

Double Cheddar Burger €9

2 juicy beef patties served on a warm brioche bun, topped with caramelized onions, cucumber pickles, lettuce, melted cheddar cheese, and a house mayo.

Pesto & Mayo Chicken Bun €10

Free range chicken, pesto & mayo, spinach, slowroasted tomatoes, brioche bun.

Classic Caesar Salad €9.5

Crisp romaine lettuce, crunchy homemade croutons, shaved parmesan, tender free-range chicken, and a Caesar dressing.

Rainbow Grain Bowl €10

Quinoa, roasted sweet potato with harissa powder, avocado, juicy cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, lamb's lettuce salad, all drizzled with a tahini sauce and topped with pickled onions.


Salmon €4, Bacon €3, Free-Range Chicken €3, Avocado €2, Halloumi €3, Egg €2, Mushroom €2, Guacamole €2, Salad €2, Granola €2, Yogurt €2, Peanut Butter €2, Jam €2, Sour Cream €2, Maple Syrup €2, Cheddar Cheese €2, Bread €2, Gluten-free Bread €2.

Banoffee Pie €4

Crunchy biscuit base with almonds, ripe banana slices, creamy toffee sauce, and fluffy whipped cream.

Fresh Berry Cheesecake Bliss €4.5

Baked cheesecake served with our homemade jam and fresh berries.

Tacos & Wraps.

Salmon Sensation Wrap €8.5

Soft tortilla filled with cream cheese, romaine lettuce, smoked salmon and avocado.

Pulled Jackfruit Tacos €9.0

Shredded jackfruit with chipotle sauce dressing, creamy guacamole, all served in warm tortillas.

Please inform our crew of any food intolerance or allergies | Ask our team to make it vegan


Four servings per dish and we recommend a minimum of two dishes per person.

Teriyaki Meat Balls €7

beef & pork meatballs with sesame
seeds & teriyaki sauce

Chicken Kebab €6

With syrian pita bread and yogurt sauce

Mini Mushroom Roll €8

Slowly roasted NÄM mushrooms,
homemade bbq sauce, chicory

House Salad €9.5

Roasted beetroot, green leaves, goat’s
cheese, iberian leaf salad, walnuts, fresh
herbs and home-made vinagrette.
Add: smoked salmon | free range chicken |
halloumi | chorizo +€3

Cheese Bread €6

with spicy guava salsa

Cured Meats Board €9

with spicy guava salsa

Bread & Olives €4

toasted bread & marinated olives

Pickles, Olives And Nuts €4
Extra Bread Basket €2
Green Leafy Salad €4
Bread & Roasted Salted Almonds €2
Banoffee Pie €4

Banana, toffee, natas, chocolate and biscoito

Cheesecake €4

With homemade raspberry jam

Please inform our crew of any food intolerance or allergies | Ask our team to make it vegan

Coffee and Tea

Espresso €1.2
Macchiato  €2.0
Americano  €2.5
Flat White  €3.0
Cappuccino  €3.0
Latte  €2.8
Mocha €3.2
Hot Chocolate €3.0
Cold Brew €3.0
Iced Latte €3.0

Chai Latte €4.0
Matcha €4.5

Earl Grey €1.50
English Breakfast €1.50
Green Tea €1.50

Soy, Almond, Oat Milk €0.50
Extra Shot €1.0

Iced Tea

Black tea, pineapple & mint €3.5
Green tea, apple & blueberries €3.5

Natural Juices

Orange juice €3.5
Pink lemonade €3.5
Du jour €3.5

Soft Drinks

Filtered still water free
Filtered sparkling €1.0
Lime soda water €3.0
Fritz-cola €3.5
(classic | no sugar)
Club-mate €3.5
Bio kombucha €3.9
(ginger | lemon)


port & tonic €6
(dry white port & tonic water)
aperol spritz €7
(aperol, prosecco & soda water)
mimosa €5 | €24
(orange juice & prosecco)
mojito booch €8
hard kombucha, rum, lime juice,fresh mint and syrup

Alcoholic kombucha

ūmmi - ginger & lemon €5 | €8
(organic - gluten free - vegan - 6% alc )
ūmmi - hibiscus berry €5 | €8
(organic - gluten free - vegan - 6% alc )

Wine and Bubbles

vallado 3 melros tinto €5 | €24
vallado douro white €5 | €24
vallado rosé €4.5 | €22
*prosecco valdobbiadene €4 | €20
terras do demo sparkling €24
terras do demo sparkling rosé €24
* low intervention | natural wine


estrella damm 33cl - draft €2
estrella damm 50cl - draft €3.5
opo 74 - craft beer lager 25cl €2.0
opo 74 - craft beer ipa 33cl 3.5
opo 74 - craft beer apa 33cl €4