Brunch by day,
bistro by night.

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Daytime Menu

Breakfast & Brunch
Avocado Toast Deluxe €11

Toasted bread topped with avocado, poached eggs, coated with tortilla chip & spice powder and a lamb´s lettuce salad.

Salmon & Poachies €13

Smoked salmon, poached eggs, avocado, drizzled with dill infused olive oil, crispy toast.

Gemma's Vegan Breakfast €12

Scrambled turmeric tofu with cherry tomato confit, served with a lamb´s lettuce salad, roasted mushrooms and avocado.
add: egg €3, smoked salmon €4, bacon €3, halloumi 3€

Sweet Corn Fritters €11

Crispy sweetcorn fritters served with guacamole, streaky bacon and sour cream.

Bacon & Egg Bap €8

Brioche bun filled with streaky bacon, a fried egg, spicy siracha mayo and onion flakes.
add avocado €1.50

Mila's Big Breakfast €11

Buttery toast, avocado, scrambled eggs, streaky bacon, grilled kale, roasted tomatoes and mushrooms.

Fluffy Fried Corn Bread €9.5

Corn bread french toast, served with fresh berries, streaky bacon and maple syrup.

Morning Glory Bowl €6.9

Creamy greek yogurt, home-made granola, red berry jam, and fresh fruits.
add vegan yogurt €1.5

Açaí Boost €5.9

Açaí, banana, guaraná and poppy seeds.

Mellow Yellow €5.9

Mango, turmeric, ginger, honey, greek yogurt & orange juice

Bruce €5.9

Banana, spinach, peanut butter & almond milk

Salads & Mains
Chicken Kebab Delight €10

Chicken skewers served with yogurt sauce, a hearty chickpea salad, red chili, garlic and broccoli, warm pita bread, green tahini and dukkah.

Double Cheddar Burger €9

2 juicy beef patties served on a warm brioche bun, topped with caramelized onions, cucumber pickles, lettuce, melted cheddar cheese, and a house mayo.

Pesto & Mayo Chicken Roll €10

Free range chicken, pesto & mayo, spinach, slowroasted tomatoes, brioche bun.

Grilled Kale Salad & Almonds €10

Tender kale leaves, crunchy almond slivers, juicy orange slices, cottage cheese and a tangy vinaigrette.

Rainbow Grain Bowl €10

Quinoa, roasted sweet potato with harissa powder, avocado, juicy cherry tomatoes, edamame beans, lamb's lettuce salad, all drizzled with a tahini sauce and topped with pickled onions.


Salmon €4, Bacon €3, Free-Range Chicken €3, Avocado €2, Halloumi €3, Egg €2, Mushroom €2, Guacamole €2, Salad €2, Granola €2, Yogurt €2, Peanut Butter €2, Jam €2, Sour Cream €2, Maple Syrup €2, Cheddar Cheese €2, Bread €2, Gluten-free Bread €2.

Banoffee Pie €4

Crunchy biscuit base with almonds, ripe banana slices, creamy toffee sauce, and fluffy whipped cream.

Fresh Berry Cheesecake Bliss €4.5

Baked cheesecake served with our homemade jam and fresh berries.


Salmon Sensation Wrap €8.5

Soft tortilla filled with cream cheese, romaine lettuce, smoked salmon and avocado.

Pulled Jackfruit Tacos

Shredded jackfruit with chipotle sauce dressing, creamy guacamole, all served in warm tortillas.

Please inform our crew of any food intolerance or allergies | Ask our team to make it vegan


Four servings per dish and we recommend a minimum of two dishes per person.

Teriyaki Meat Balls €7

beef & pork meatballs with sesame
seeds & teriyaki sauce

Chicken Kebab €6

With syrian pita bread and yogurt sauce

Mini Mushroom Roll €8

Slowly roasted NÄM mushrooms,
homemade bbq sauce, chicory

House Salad €9.5

Roasted beetroot, green leaves, goat’s
cheese, iberian leaf salad, walnuts, fresh
herbs and home-made vinagrette.
Add: smoked salmon | free range chicken |
halloumi | chorizo +€3

Cheese Bread €6

with spicy guava salsa

Cured Meats Board €9

with spicy guava salsa

Bread & Olives €4

toasted bread & marinated olives

Pickles, Olives And Nuts €4
Extra Bread Basket €2
Green Leafy Salad €4
Bread & Roasted Salted Almonds €2
Banoffee Pie €4

Banana, toffee, natas, chocolate and biscoito

Cheesecake €4

With homemade raspberry jam

Please inform our crew of any food intolerance or allergies | Ask our team to make it vegan

Coffee and Tea

Espresso €1.2
Macchiato  €2.0
Americano  €2.5
Flat White  €3.0
Cappuccino  €3.0
Latte  €2.8
Mocha €3.2
Hot Chocolate €3.0
Cold Brew €3.0
Iced Latte €3.0

Chai Latte €4.0
Matcha €4.5

Earl Grey €1.50
English Breakfast €1.50
Green Tea €1.50

Soy, Almond, Oat Milk €0.50
Extra Shot €1.0

Iced Tea

Black tea, pineapple & mint €3.5
Green tea, apple & blueberries €3.5

Natural Juices

Orange juice €3.5
Pink lemonade €3.5
Du jour €3.5

Soft Drinks

Filtered still water free
Filtered sparkling €1.0
Lime soda water €3.0
Fritz-cola €3.5
(classic | no sugar)
Club-mate €3.5
Bio kombucha €3.9
(ginger | lemon)


port & tonic €6
(dry white port & tonic water)
aperol spritz €7
(aperol, prosecco & soda water)
mimosa €5 | €24
(orange juice & prosecco)
mojito booch €8
hard kombucha, rum, lime juice,fresh mint and syrup

Alcoholic kombucha

ūmmi - ginger & lemon €5 | €8
(organic - gluten free - vegan - 6% alc )
ūmmi - hibiscus berry €5 | €8
(organic - gluten free - vegan - 6% alc )

Wine and Bubbles

vallado 3 melros tinto €5 | €24
vallado douro white €5 | €24
vallado rosé €4.5 | €22
*prosecco valdobbiadene €4 | €20
terras do demo sparkling €24
terras do demo sparkling rosé €24
* low intervention | natural wine


estrella damm 33cl - draft €2
estrella damm 50cl - draft €3.5
opo 74 - craft beer lager 25cl €2.0
opo 74 - craft beer ipa 33cl 3.5
opo 74 - craft beer apa 33cl €4